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FBBS/Strawbridge Consulting GSA Schedule Services

FBBS GSA Schedule Contract Management Services include: 

  • New Offer Preparation, Submission through Award 

  • Contract Management & Assistance

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Transaction Set creation, transmission and maintenance for GSA Advantage Product Catalogs, Text files and Photo Uploads

  • EDI Invoices, GSA e-Mod Services, GSA contact

  • ORCA and Central Contractor Registration (CCR) information systems maintenance

  • Contract Extension Renewal Award Program (CERAP) $400 to review your contract

  • Month-to Month Contract Management

  • Hourly/Short Term Task Oriented Contract Management Services

While managing schedule contracts for the last 19 years, we’ve built our business systems around fulfilling GSA requirements and by listening to the needs of our federal contractor customers.  We change our systems and service offering often, anticipating contractor needs as technology and requirements warrant.

We don’t give GSA seminars. We manage GSA contracts. If you’d like to talk about GSA schedules, we are happy to speak with you at no charge. Call me on 301 652-7410. If something is bothering you about GSA, see the "GSA Reform" pages.

Our current GSA schedule contractor accounts range from small to large businesses, representing manufacturers, service providers, distributors and cooperatives, large-account resellers to one- and two-man shops offering Professional Services. Some contracts do not require a lot of attention and maintenance, like most Services contracts, yet others do.  We offer a variety of business arrangements from hourly assistance to monthly retainer plans.  For most contractors on a monthly retainer plan, we offer a flat rate of $300-$500 per month, per contract, (translating to roughly 5 to 8 hours per month) to keep you informed and your contract up-to-date in continuous compliance.

Here is a short list of what you can/will receive from FBBS. If your contract is already awarded, some of the items below may have already been taken care of.

Total contract management, contact and interface with GSA
  • Preparation, submission and negotiation of contract modifications generated by the contractor (adds, deletes, price increases, novations, etc.)
  • Management, Acceptance, Administration & distribution of GSA generated e-mods (Web-based Electronic Modifications)
  • Implementing solicitation refresh changes into your Authorized Government Pricelist or GSA Customer Information
  • GSA Advantage and other Electronic on-line shopping Upload Service. All uploads to GSA Advantage also receive upload to MyFederalShopper.com. Includes upload notification, contact with GSA, monitoring & reporting
  • Quarterly CCR and SBA Pro-net registration profile and annual ORCA updates and renewals, as needed
  • For large businesses, Small Business Subcontracting Plan review and submission assistance, as applicable and needed
  • Assistance with reporting requirements for sales, IFF and Small Business Subcontracting plans
  • Unlimited telephone and email assistance
  • Access to FBBS federal marketing materials
  • Unique Client Logon web area for critical contract documentation storage
  • Assistance with federal payment issues.
  • Guidance and advice regarding your federal program and contract and GSA systems
  • Contract Extension Renewal and Award Compliance
  • Novation Assistance as needed
  • Monthly FBBS status reporting of activity on your behalf

    Click here to ask any questions you may already have.

  • Full Service, Total Pro-Active Schedule Contract Management and Compliance.
Full Service is for companies that either need to start the GSA process at the beginning or would like FBBS to take over the day-to-day management of their GSA schedule. We try to limit the number of full-service accounts we take on to ensure prompt attention to your contract(s).
  • Contract Maintenance Service,  If you already have a GSA schedule and need help.
  • Upload Services for GSA Advantage & and MyFederalShopper.com

    For GSA Schedule Contractors needing to post Awarded GSA Contract pricing on the GSA Advantage! system, we offer one-time and monthly file maintenance upload services.
  • Month-to-Month and Hourly GSA Schedule Contract Assistance
  • Month-to-Month Other GSA related task-oriented Service. (Bring your GSA related problem or issue to us and we will help you solve it.)

    Consider FBBS and take advantage of our timely, personal service. We represent you to GSA. We prepare and negotiate new offers and manage existing contracts.  A majority of our customers have been with us for over five years; some have been with us for 10 years.    We don’t burn ‘em and turn ‘em; we provide assistance.

    E-Mods.  In many GSA schedule divisions, GSA introduced an e-Mod system. Electronic Contract Modification system.  The majority of e-Mods are generated by GSA and you have to accept them or give up your contract.  Others can be generated by the contractor to change government pricing for certain hardware items.  Not all e-mods generated by GSA affect your contract, but you still have to manage, accept, and administer them.  If you need help taking care of e-Mods or any other contract modifications, let us know.  We can accept/send e-mods on your behalf and send you all the relevant hard copy documentation for your files.  We can/will revise your Authorized Government Pricelist, per all awarded modifications, as needed.

    Some firms contact us to help them obtain a GSA schedule, others to help them manage a schedule they already have, and many more to solve compliance issues; like GSA Advantage uploads and e-Mod acceptance. For more information check out our website.  For fun,  Check out our jingle.

    Outsource your GSA Schedule Management to FBBS. 

    Save money.

    Gain Experience, Efficiency, Peace of Mind and Higher Sales.

    Give us a call today to learn more about how we can assist you.
    301 652-7410

    Tom Strawbridge



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